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[KOTRA] Dae Chang Metal co., Ltd, No.1 World Market Share in Shipbuild…

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작성일 20-10-30 14:02


Dae Chang Metal, with over 60% world market share, the

company possesses the best technological skills for producing MBS (Main Bearing

Support), a core component of ship engines. With such background, 25% of its

total production is being re-exported to Japan, a nation strong in

production of component materials. Thus the company has earned recognition and

reliability from ship engine production companies around the world and shipping

classification inspection agencies.

Established in 1953, gone through various obstacles, Dae

Chang Metal was able to overcome the difficulties through technological

developments. Especially, by using artificial ceramic sand rather than normal

sand, when mending the casting frame, it allows to make a smoother surface and

reduce time & financial expenses.

In 2002, done first in the world, the company succeeded

in receiving the experimental certification of component destruction for its

K98MC Type MBS product. In addition, company was awarded for its efforts in

technology innovations as follow: 2005 it received the Prime Minister Award;

2006 chosen as a world first-class product manufacturing company; and 2008

received the presidential award.

Dae Chang Metal continues to accumulate technologies in

order to innovate excellent products and to introduce new products that fit the

needs and wants of the customers. They have finalized its cast steel product

(CYLINDER COVER, PISTON CROWN, CON ROD) development that has been produced from

its own R&D and also by governmental development supports. Currently, the

company is in development of off shore plant -use sheaves and localization of

its cast steel products.

Furthermore, other than shipbuilding plants, Dae Chang

Metal is expanding its business field by producing generator equipment

components, industrial machineries, and continuously investing in manufacturing

facilities. By the newly established Ul-Ju factory in 2009, its annual

production size has increased to 45,000t and now is preparing for refining

facilities that would allow INGOT production.


[KOTRA Seal of Excellence awarded



Number: 2010-026-01